Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cakes! Cakes! Cakes!

Before I was working outside the home I fancied myself a cake decorator.  I ran out of time to jump into the business with both feet, but I still like to be creative and look for great ideas.  These are some of my own creations.
Merry Christmas!

One of my favorites the whole thing is covered in chocolate ganache and the scrolls are coffee buttercream.

Yes, those are diapers! I love this for a baby shower!

My first wedding cake...the star gazers took me hours of hand painting, but I LOVED them!

This cake weighed a ton.  White chocolate and raspberry cake with white chocolate-rasberry/cream cheese frosting. Do NOT eat this if you are dieting!

Wedding cake for 250 people.  The filling was fresh strawberries.  Note to self: Strawberries sweat through fondant!

One client requested a watch.  I did my best!

Love, love, love this.  Pumpkin spice cake.  Tasted and looked amazing!

Ice Pink & Snowflakes

All ready for spring!

This was so much fun for summer. Margarita cake in the shape of flip-flops!

Candyland theme party

Tinkerbell sitting on her stump

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