Thursday, July 7, 2011


    What little kid does not LOVE candy!? Candyland was one of my favorite games growing up and my two little munchkins love playing the game even now.  Of course now its a little fancier, there is a DVD game (that's awesome!), a shape sorting game, and I think two different versions of the board game.

For my princess' 3rd birthday we wanted to make the game become life size.  We were (again) in upstate NY in the gym.  I took construction paper and covered the wall to make the game board and had stations with a game or challenge for each of the game areas; peppermint forest, lollipop woods, etc.  The kids favorite area was the candy buffet. I'm sure their parents loved that as well...hee, hee!

This party was such a hit! I've helped some friends put on their own Candyland party and I think I am going to do this theme for our High School Prom. (Yes, I am a high school teacher).

Here are some of the pictures from my party as well as some SWEET inspirations!

For a game the kiddos were to make their parent into a lollopop using streamers.  Here is my cute husband and my girlies!

The Chocolate Swamp!
Here are some other inspirations 

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